A Standing Ovation For Rainebeaux's Work As a Guest Blogger At "Black Women Deserve Better"

Various BWE (Black Women Empowerment) bloggers have been hosting ongoing, transformational conversations in support of abundant life for Black women. I'm always pleased to see African-American women add their voices to these conversations. I'm delighted whenever other Black women step out of the bystander role, and actively support this message by preaching the truth.

It can be intimidating to step up to the soapbox. That's why relatively few people do it. We often feel that we're not ready to preach the truth unless and until we feel as if we've "arrived." Meanwhile, a life's journey is never truly complete until death.

Rainebeaux's contributions have greatly added to the already-outstanding work that CW (blog host of Black Women Deserve Better) has been doing. So here's a standing ovation for Rainebeaux, who has been guestblogging over at Black Women Deserve Better. If you haven't already seen some of her posts, take a look at http://thecwexperience.wordpress.com/