# 2 - Abu Lahab - Top 5 Reasons to believe the Qur'an was man-made

Let us for a moment consider the Muslim claim that the Qur'an is the uncreated word of God that has been in existence since the beginning of time and which exists in its perfection in Heaven unchanged and unchanging from the moment it sprung into being, written by the magic pen...
Then let us read the following surah
The power of Abu Lahab will perish, and he will perish. [1] His wealth and gains will not exempt him. [2] He will be plunged in flaming fire, [3] And his wife, the wood carrier, [4] Will have upon her neck a halter of palm fibre. [5] (111:1-5)

Who is this fellow who is so reviled by God that he is cursed by name in the final revelation to mankind? (Not only that, but his poor wife gets it (literally) in the neck as well...)
Abu Lahab was an uncle of Muhammad who had the temerity to question his nephew's claims to prophet-hood.
Now, of course, God knew that Uncle Lahab was going to do this because the Qur'an is "uncreated".
So ever since he was a baby, Abu Lahab's fate was to go to hell (along with his poor wife).
Do Muslims ever stop and wonder whether it might not be more reasonable to assume that the author of the Qur'an was so hacked off with his uncle pissing on his bonfire that one day he'd just had enough and decided that his god was going into bat on his behalf...
What errant nonsense it all is.
What complete bloody tosh.
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