Mas is Too Much Funny Yaar!!!

You guys have to check these videos that I was sent by a friend along with the latest Prophet on the Block video!!! Too funny!!!! Where have these jokers been all my life??? A few of them are excellent in pointing out this monster's hypocrisy!!! As most Ahmadis, like their Masroor, are of Pakistani Punjabi origin and Punjabis are known for their humor, I hope you will enjoy the jokes!

Mas and his Shahnawaz Ltd Donated Car! A Bollywood Hero in the Making!

(and he tells you to be humble)

Mas and his Cough!

(Khalifa of a nervous disposition? Yeah, great quality of a leader!)

Mas the Lady Killer! Smooth Operator gets flowers!

(talking to non-Mehram ladies but expels people for going to mixed weddings?)

Mas busting some moves to Daler Mendi! Puppie Shuppie! Billie Shillie!