Office Bearers in UK Cult Administration forced to join 'Will' Scam.


Ahhh you lucky so and so's, a double whammy from me today, with two entries! Don't worry, you won't be hearing from me for a few days after this so as a extra special treat, I am making this post extra long! I know how you all love my long posts, oh yes you do! I am on holiday from work these days you see, because I had to take my annual leave before I lost it to the system, explaining why I have so much free time on my hands! So, in between watching Kings of Queens, Bulging Brides (I thought I was slim until I started watching this daytime junk, stupid diets), I Used To Be Fat (one day, Insh'Allah) and re-runs of Desperate Housewives, I thought I should probably do as many posts as I can! It's not possible to blog while I am at work, because they restrict a lot of sites and that includes my Blog and to post anonymously while the family is roaming about isn't always easy! Plus, I am a very hard worker and I would never be on the Internet at work, besides when I am browsing,, and do also visit CBBC to play those stupid addictive games! Have a go, I would recommend Alien Athletics and Aqua Pigs, they make for great time pass between 16:25 and 17:00.

I know many of you have only recently started tuning into sites that are raising awareness about the Cult of Ahmadiyya, and you probably are not aware that there is a wealth of information out there that has been posted in the past. I wouldn't want you to miss out on it all, so I am going to try and bring out some old gems from the Cult Closet as a special treat!

This one is one of my favourites that I am borrowing from, because it shows this Cult is all about the ££ MONEY $$. It also serves as firm proof Masroor is changing the laws of Ahmadiyya, set by his great grandad Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, the Prophet of Ahmadiyya.

Below you will find a letter from none other than Rafiq Hayat, the President of the Ahmadiyya Association, that was circulated back in 2010 to office bearers (people who hold positions within the administration of the Cult). Have a read, but before you do, take  note of what Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, the Prophet of Ahmadiyya, said regarding 'Wassiyat':

 "Wassiyat is the making of a will in the favor of the Community, pledging 1/10 to 1/3 of one's total assets to the Jamaat at the time of one's death. A person who has pledged Wassiyat is known as a Moosi and must also donate 1/10 to 1/3 of his earnings yearly instead of chanda aam. This scheme was set up by the Promised Messiah under Divine Revelation. This is a VOLUNTARY pledge and carries other conditions with it."

This is shocking! Ahmadis claim to whole heartedly follow Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, the so called 'Promised Messiah' but it seems that Rafiq Hayat and their Khalifa Masroor are changing the rules and regulations he set out, for monetary gain! Shocking! How can they just change the ruling of what their Prophet said? The Prophet of Ahmadiyya ( I like to call it Scamadiyya) has made it very clear it is voluntary, but Mas is now demanding that people, if they want to stay in their positions, must sign up to the scheme. There is nothing in the 'Wassiyat' guidelines that says 'to be an office bearer, you must be a Moosi' so why is Mas trying to force people to sign up? Hardly 'voluntary' is it? Hey Ahmadis, as your Prophet Mirza said this scheme was set up under 'divine revelation', I am guessing he wrote the conditions of Wassiyat on these grounds? So what does Mas think he is playing at changing what was revealed to your Prophet Mirza by 'God'? Where do they get off forcing people to sign up to something like this? This isn't a joke, one's will is a big, big, big deal! You can't just expect people to sign over 1/10 of their estate just to keep their positions! What kind of monsters are you Mas and Raf?

For those who are not familiar with what Wassiyat is, Wassiyat means 'Will', as in a a Will that one would have prepared for when they die. Members of the Ahmadiyya Cult are encouraged to sign up to the scheme, where it is claimed by the Cult that you will go to Heaven if you become a member of the 'Wassiyat' Scheme. In short, when you die, the Cult will inherit 1/10 of your estate. When you do eventually kick the bucket, you are then buried in something known as the 'Heavenly Graveyard', where grave plots are reserved for members of the 'Wassiyat Scheme'. According to the official Ahmadiyya website "every Ahmadi firmly believes that only those members destined for Paradise are buried in this heavenly cemetery." The 'Heavenly Graveyards' are segregated sections of Ahmadiyya owned graveyards, that are gated off, reserved especially for those who in their lifetime, signed up for the 'Wassiyat' scheme. When a Cult member signs up for 'Wassiyat', they are known as 'Moosi'. This is considered a great honour within the Community, as it shows dedication to the cause, great self sacrifice and that you are also going to Heaven! Sign up, and you are fast tracked into Heaven but if you don't sign up, you are not going to Heaven.

1/10 is a lot to ask of someone, especially when parents have always thought of leaving what they have for their children. So the Cult emotionally blackmails people into signing up. Those who are not 'Moosis' are made to feel inferior and pride/status is very important within the Cult. This letter is a prime example; office bearers are told that if they do not sign up, they will be removed from their positions and be replaced with Moosis. Ahmadis bless em' consider it a great blessing to work for the community of God, and if their title is withdrawn, it can be a deeply distressing and upsetting time, as they would feel that their Khalifa is displeased with them. Many office bearers are elderly men who have retired and spend time volunteering for the community. That is a horrid thing to do to an old man. Unfortunately, my own father fell victim to this kind of trap and signed up to this sick scheme! Yep, that's just great, considering me and my siblings pay the mortgage (financial circumstances meant we had to) but as it's in my father's name, there isn't much we can do to stop the money grabbing, blood sucking Cult getting its mucky paws on it. So we pay the mortgage, and Mas will get 1/10 of it and there is nothing we can do. Unless insh'Allah by some miracle, my father realises what a sham this heaven scam is and cuts the Cult out of his Will. On that note, I would strongly advise Ahmadis whose parents have not yet been suckered into this scheme to do your level best to stop them from signing over what is YOURS to them. We were not consulted but if your parents do discuss it with you, protect them and protect what is rightfully yours from them. There is nothing worse than looking at your old and frail father and knowing he has been conned by spiritual thieves.

A few questions Ahmadis need to ask themselves:

  • Firstly, if Wassiyat is a voluntary type of chanda (as shown from the definition above) then why are office bearers being threatened with removal if they don't cough-up? Why is Mas changing the rules that were set by the Prophet of Ahmadiyya. What right does he have to do that or rather, does he have a right to do that?
  • Secondly, why must they "earn the prayers of Hudhur Aqdas by becoming Moosi"? Are the prayers of the Khalifa something to be bought and sold? Seems that way!
  • If this scheme was really set up under "Divine Revelation" then why aren't office bearers already part of it. Indeed, why aren't ALL Ahmadis part of the scheme of Wassiyat? Is it because deep-down they realise that it's just another way the Ahmadiyya Movement is stealing their money?
  • Is there any evidence in Quran and Ahadith to support this Scheme? Is there any evidence to suggest in the Quran that provided you are of 'good character' and are a 'Moosi' you are going to go to Heaven? If so, where is the evidence?  I don't want proof that 'charity' in the cause of 'Islam', I would like evidence from the Quran to show that my dad is going to go to Heaven after signing up to 'Wassiyat'. Can you provide that?
  • Is this letter anything but clear evidence that this cult is nothing more than a money-grabbing business?

Have a think about it....

Oh and before I go, if anyone is remotely interested in knowing what an actual Wassiyat/Will application form looks like, take a look:

Creepy Culty Crawlies Coming for your Cash! I won't tell you why they ask for a thumb impression, it will creep you right out! It's something to do with the dead body and the family contesting the Will. A signature can be forged right? Not a thumb print! Urgh. These people are beyond contempt! Notice anything on the first page? Caste? How very hindu-like and how utterly un-Islamic! Bla Bla Bla True Muslims my foot!