Oh Canada, Oh Checklist!


Since starting up my Blog, I have only focused on the UK Cult administration and UK readers, but  I often forget that there are thousands of Canadians and Americans reading! Obviously being in the UK, we are not aware of what goes on across the pond in Cult World but I hear in North America, that they are just as mad and bad!

I have visited Canada a number of times during my summer holidays from Uni (that's vacation to you North Americans), as I have a lot of relations who live in Canada. I was (un)fortunate enough to visit the Ahmadiyya Peace Village one year, and boy was that an experience I don't want to relive ever again! For those not familiar with Peace Village, it is an Ahmadi owned housing complex in Maple, Ontario. Picture the eeriness of Wisteria Lane in the opening credits, but more creepy because it's actually real. On entering Peace Village from the main road, there is a big overhead banner type thing which reads 'Ahmadiyya Peace Village' or something of the like. They have streets named after the Ahmadi 'Khalifas', have a central 'Ahmadiyya Avenue' and its mostly, if not only Ahmadis who live there. I don't quite get how the Canadian Govt. allowed for it but they do have a very strong relationship with the Canadian Govt. and have been successful in maintaining it too. Years of sucking up has served the Ahmadi Jamaat well it seems! I went for a cousin's wedding and got lumbered staying at another cousin's house, whose husband is a hard core Ahmadi and holds some kind of poxy position within the Cult administration. He used to tell me how much of a mortgage he had too! LOL! Riba in Peace Village? Vay! Their house is right opposite the prayer centre which I must say, is a pretty impressive building. It was the worst holiday in the history of my entire life to date. There were Ahmadis everywhere, walking around in their uniform Burqas and half covered heads. Their kitchen was facing opposite the prayer centre and oh gosh, the number of slimeball perverts that used to walk by and stare in through the window. Urgh. It was the longest week of my life and I left feeling so unsettled by the whole experience of being in a closed off community in Canada. It was like a Canadian version of Rabwah and a Paki version of the Truman Show.

I wonder if like in the UK, they conceal their Cult behaviour from the Canadians? I bet your bottom dollar they do!! There is no way, if these officials were aware of the internal games and cult culture, that they would come near this sicko Cult with a barge pole! Come to mention it, I have heard that the Canadian Jamaat is more relentless in their marketing and propaganda, more so  than the Rafiq Hayat led one here in the UK and it is run by men who are not the greatest of characters (I will introduce UK readers to a Canadian Cult leader at a later date insh'Allah). The Canadian Cult adminsitration of the Ahmadiyya, like its UK counterpart, also uses public expulsions and ex-communication as a means to control the common Ahmadi. This helps creates a culture of fear amongst the people. It stops people stepping out of line, the line which is blurred according to who you are and who you know but nonetheless, there is a line.

Let me draw your attention to this 'Expulsion Checklist', that was leaked sometime ago over at ahmedi.org

The gentleman mentioned in this instance was expelled because he had 'participated in a marriage against the teaching of Nizaam Jamaat.' This likely means that he attended a wedding where an Ahmadi married a non-Ahmadi, he was reported by snitches, and was expelled from the community he has known all his life as a result. Not only that, but the Vice President Khalifa Abdul Aziz has advised that his expulsion is announced in public! What a inhumane thing to do to somebody! I didn't realise Nizaam Jamaat which means 'administration', had its own teachings? Wow! Where are these teachings? Can we see the rules and regulations? Does it hold more weight than the Holy Quran, the scripture Ahmadis claim to follow? Where can members of the Canadian community get hold of a definitive guide to Nizaam Jamaat Teachings? What exactly constitutes as 'Immoral Behaviour', anyone? These should be made publicly available because after all, they should have the rules in order in clear written proof to know that they should abide by them? I didn't realise in the Quran it mentions that people can be expelled from this 'Divine Jamaat' because they attended a wedding where perhaps an Ahmadi married a Muslim? Can anyone find an example or something of the like from the Quran for me please?

What a bunch of hypocrites!! They mix with ghair-Mehrams when they throw Jamaat functions IN THE NAME OF TRUE ISLAM in Toronto, but then in the name of Nizaame Jamaat, they are expelling people from the Jamaat for mixing at a union of a man and woman? Here we have punishments and punishments that are made very public, yet they would never admit this to those on the outside. Why? What's there to be ashamed of? Would the Canadian Cult mind if this year, when I pay a visit to Canada in time for Jalsa, I stand on stage and tell their guests about this process of so called 'islah'? It is the truth after all, so I guess they wouldn't mind! This is un-Islamic but this Cult stills insists on raising the banner of 'true Islam', and complain they are being treated badly when they do this to their own people? Why are you all so blind to the hypocrisy? Fine, they want to carry on barbaric with their members, by all means, but then don't show another face to the western world!

Can you believe that this Cult has a checklist on reasons to expel people? Oh of course, they will say it is to help in the process of reformation, because going to a wedding means you are in dire need of reformation, but attending a Jamaat function with free-mixing is OK because it's a Jamaat function? Islamic code and conduct at Jamaat functions should be to the highest standards because after all, it is the True islam but when it comes to canvassing their Cult, they are happy to let that go straight out of the window! Remember, true Islam would not be hypocritical and would certainly treat it's followers with such contempt.

North Americans, from what I am told, you are a very active community and there most certainly is a treasure chest of information that is in the possession of some of you out there, without a doubt! If you are in the same boat as many of us in the UK, I suggest you start up some kind of campaign and  get it out there. I can help if you want, I have some things that may be of some use to you. A double assault from both sides of the Atlantic and it could significantly weaken their foundations, as well as their relationships with the western communities whose support they so desperately seek. Insha'Allah. Just a thought......

Oh and before I go, I would like to leave you with this! It is the funniest thing you have ever seen! Ahmadiyya Jamaat Canada, a Cult that expels and humiliates its members, broke the Guiness World Record for the world's largest human smile! Oh yes because its all Happy Days as far as these hypocrites are concerned! This smile and the Love for All, Hatred for None compliments their expulsion checklist nicely, does it not? Like chalk and cheese. Have a look at their twisted propaganda and LOL @ the commentary:

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