Young Ex- Ahmadi Woman: Letter to an MP about the Cruel Cult of Ahmadiyya.

Salaam and Good Afternoon!

I was just emailed this and have been asked to share it. The email is a forward from a young woman, who by the grace of Allah, rejected the lies of the Ahmadiyya and has accepted Islam. She too, like so many others, is trapped within the Ahmadiyya Cult. She is unable to leave as she is still at home, and she too is sick of the lies, hypocrisies’ and cruel treatment of people at the hands of the Cult. She is fed up, so much so, that she sent an email to her local MP this morning and has kindly allowed me to share it with you all. I am removing the name of the MP, as the Cult will likely try and find out who she is and why she sent it in, if they know what constituency she is in. I have encouraged the sister to send it out to as many MPs and would encourage other Ahmadis/Muslims to do the same. If we raise enough awareness inshAllah, then finally people might start taking notice and understand that this is a Cult. The sister has given permission for this email to be reproduced so that others' may use it as a template, should they decide to contact their local MPs.

Nas, Raf, Nas and Shab, there was only so long you men were going to enjoy your reign of terror before people start speaking out against your lies and hypocrisies. If this site has given people the courage to speak out, then that's a huge achievement. The younger generation are not stupid; they are now able to see through this farce and are waking up to the hypocrisy. How on one hand, you have peace ceremonies and invite various dignitaries to attend and put on a fake front with lavish spreads of food. Then on the other hand, when they are not present and are not looking, there are public expulsions and social boycotts.

Dear MP X

I am writing to you to raise awareness about the AMA UK (Ahmadiyya Muslim Association) of which I am a member. I no longer accept their beliefs, and have rejected them privately but I cannot admit to this in public, as I fear the repercussions it will have on my family. I now believe in mainstream Islam, but I am still a member of the AMA UK because of my family. I do believe the AMA UK to be a Cult organisation, that has successfully managed to hoodwink the UK Government into thinking that the AMA UK is a peace loving and charitable organation. I hope you will not object to me writing to you but as you have close links with the Ahmadiyya community I do feel it necessary to make you aware of the average Ahmadi who is living in this country under the regime of its Caliph and its management team headed by Rafiq Hayat, the UK President.

I was born in this country and have always felt that this country is my home. I love the diversity, democracy and the freedom of belief, expression and speech it gives to each and every one of its citizens. I am fortunate enough to have parents who allowed me to question and think clearly for myself (to an extent). Their open minds (to an extent) combined with their emphasis on truthfulness and integrity has shaped me in to the person I am today. I do not have an issue with religion, personally I believe all religions essentially deliver the same message; it's only one's birth, culture, environment and practices which define the faith you follow.

I know of your support to the Ahmadiyya cause and whilst I do not disagree in Pakistan there has been persecution, in the UK I have known little of it throughout my life. It is only recently in the last few years any such antagonism has been brought to my attention and that was by the AMA. On a personal level I am oblivious to this and have not experienced to date hate or threats from Mainstream Muslims.

My concern is the the AMA UK is using the situation in Pakistan, and the politicians and media and creating an 'us' (Ahmadis) and 'them' (Mainstream Muslims) situation whereby it is creating a division in this country (similar to what was created in Pakistan). The negative effect of this will cause frictions and result in greater isolation of Ahmadis from mainstream Muslims. This makes it difficult for the younger and future generations to mix with Muslims from other sects. The AMA does not encourage or wish for its members to socialize with other Muslims and they have incubated a fear of fellow Muslims amongst their members. They have prohibited and banned marriages with ‘outsiders’, and actively encourage that we keep away from Islamic Societies at University because they do not us mingling with the Muslim community.

I wish to express that as a member I do not have the freedom of speech or expression to raise this and other concerns in my community without the fear of ostracism. I am not permitted to disagree or express any concerns against the AMA UK or the Caliph’s instructions. If I raised matters or disagreed I would be regarded as a trouble maker for which actions could be taken against me. Under the rules of the AMA UK I must obey all instructions without question and display blind obedience and loyalty to the Caliph.

The AMA has a policy of social boycott, excommunication and expulsion against members who disagree with any policy or instruction. This is becoming more and more frequent and is authorized by the UK President Mr Rafiq Hayat and the Caliph Mirza Masroor

It's a highly humiliating method and completely un-Islamic. The Ahmadi community is very close knit and everyone knows everyone, so when these public announcements are made the member, as well as his/her family feel the humiliation. Furthermore, remaining members are discouraged from having social ties from those who have been expelled and they are advised not to socially interact with them. It's very difficult to explain the full extent of such actions but you and your family have a social stigma attached to you if this happens to you. I am witnessing these frequent acts and I am appalled by it yet I cannot raise my concern to the AMA without fear of backlash against me or a family member. Some brave people do speak out, but that is usually when they have left the organisation or then it has to be done anonymously on the Internet.

I am fully aware you will have met many educated liberal Ahmadi representatives and will have been impressed by their manner, speech and especially our policy of 'love for all, hatred for none'; but believe me this is a superficial front. The common Ahmadi is suppressed by the regime. We feel we are held hostage to our faith because with all devotees (of any faith) you believe you are following the true religion. As we are discouraged from mixing with other Muslims so our social circle is confined to mainly Ahmadis. In short it is almost impossible to leave our community as there is an inbred fear that the Muslim world will not accept you as a Muslim, yet if you are expelled where would you go because your beliefs are deemed outside the fold of Islam. It is also made impossible for us to leave because they would make it so that we would have to leave home, as the family would be humiliated. This is very difficult for us, because in Asian Culture, men and women tend not to leave home until they are married. We rely greatly on our families and would greatly miss the protection of our parents, because our parents are our protectors. The AMA would snatch this from us, to teach us a lesson for questioning/doubting or leaving their beliefs.

I will give you just several examples of the system of punishment within this Community.

If my sister were to marry a Muslim who was not an Ahmadi she would be expelled. My parents would not be allowed to attend her wedding and if they did they too would be punished.

If my sister went out without wearing a headscarf, the Caliph has clearly said that he will take action against her too.

We are not permitted to take matters to court or use the legal system of the country unless permission has been granted to us by Mr Rafiq Hayat. The AMA UK prefers us to use their own courts and expect their members to use them. However the 'judges' are not qualified as lawyers, just lay members of the community who have been given the authority by Mr Rafiq Hayat to make judgements.

If a member for whatever reason, does not pay their membership fees (called chandha) that are collected as ‘charity’, they too can be punished. These membership fees are obligatory on men women and children and vary between 6%-10% of your income. All members including those on state benefits must pay. These are just a few examples.

I wish to leave my name and address so that you may correspond in writing, however I am afraid that if my identity is revealed, my family and I will suffer. I just want you to know the true feelings of just one ex-Ahmadi born in the UK. A British citizen who has been given the freedom of speech but cannot use that right as she is living in fear because of the way the AMA is ruling us. This Caliph and Rafiq Hayat' s administration team enjoy the freedom this country has given them to practise their faith, yet their members are under a cloud of fear and oppression.

I'm sure you will continue to meet Ahmadis but please remember this letter next time you meet them. If you wish to mention these concerns to them I would be immensely grateful as it is something I am not at liberty to do. Please do try to understand that Cults’ do exist and that they exist in your country.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

With best wishes

Miss Anonymous.