The Sunday Scandal Session 15: Wife Threatened for a Visa


I don't have the time for much today so I am just going to leave you with a nice easy writ on a Ahmadiyya Cult document I found some while back now.

Today Dr Shabir Bhatti, one of our favorite Cult Controllers, is in  the spotlight once again. I love this guy, I think he alone shows us all the true colours of this Cult more than any of his co-cult workers. Keep doing what you are doing Shabby are doing your Jamaat a great service!! Showing them in a very good light!! It also involves Dr Vali Shah, the Ahmadi dentist/former Ameer of the UK from Putney.

Please find below 2 documents, one from Vali Shah to Shabir Bhatti and one from Shabir Bhatti to Rafiq Hayat. I am blocking out the names of all parties involved, to protect their privacy and their identity.

Have a read (click on the images to enlarge):

You don't need any explanation because it is very clear what went on here. There was a dispute between a man and wife, the man wanted residency, the wife didn't want him in her life and refused to cooperate so that he could get residency in the EU. Why should she? They have kids together yeah, but there are other avenues he could have pursued and the wife should not have been blackmailed into helping him. The guy was a visa job from what I have gathered and treated the wife very badly. The Jamaat wanted to help him secure residency and so began to threaten the girl and her family with expulsion/boycotting if they refused to help the man get his visa. They were practically forcing the woman into endorsing the application and were threatening the wife and her parents to get them to comply. They were attempting to blackmail the family with threarts of disciplinary action, blaming them for the marriage falling apart and then blaming them for the daughter not assisting the husband in his residency application. The Jamaat defended his violent behaviour by saying it was because the family made him feel 'small' and it is pretty obvious whose side the Cult is on- the twice detained husband! Oh so thats OK then is it? If a woman earns more than her husband and occasionally drops a few lines about it, its OK lash out and to wind up in jail is it?

I am sorry but as a woman, I have every right to expect my husband to be my provider and protector and no woman should settle for any less. I am not saying a woman should make her husband feel small, but even so, his violent outbursts are not excusable and should have been condemned by the Jamaat leaders but instead, they sympathised with the guy. They wanted to bring discplinary action against her because she refused to endorse the visa application of a man she wanted to divorce? Displinary action usually involves ex-communication and this can have devastating consequences on all those involved. To threaten a single mother and her elderly parents with this is downright dispicable. What a CULT and this proves what many people have said all along and that is the Ahmadiyya Association UK readily and actively encourages their people to apply for application here. This is so they can they take their cut out of the 6.5% membership fees that are compulsory on ALL Ahmadis, even those on state benefits.

So I ask those reading to really consider what sort of people we are dealing with here. This is a Cult that forces women to cover, that mistreats women and threatens women if they don't comply with the wishes of man. Women are vulnerable in this sexist Cult and and this is not Islamic. They can't marry out for fear of the consequences but when they marry within their community, they are subjected to this sort of treatment. Terrible situation for Ahmadi women.