10 Questions for Allah

1.       How do you explain the contradiction of claiming to be “the most merciful of all who are merciful” whilst at the same time promising an eternity of excruciating agony for those who refuse to believe in you?
2.        If Islam truly is the one true glorious faith, why did your Prophet and his followers need to spread it by the sword?  
3.       Why is Paradise seemingly designed for those who have lived in the heat of the desert (shade and cool streams)? Shouldn’t Paradise appeal to all your creation, even those who have lived their lives in colder climes?
4.      And talking of Paradise, why do you promise us sex with big-breasted virgins and endless wine?  Shouldn’t Paradise be more spiritual? (and appeal to the girls as well?!)
5.      Why do you insist on talking to solitary men in the desert?
6.      Why did you make one city Holy for three religions? Didn’t you foresee the trouble it would cause…of course you did, being omnipotent. ..
7.     Why did you allow the Pentateuch and the Christian Bible to be “corrupted”? If you managed to keep the Qur’an as it was intended, surely you could have looked after your previous two messages to mankind.
8.     Why choose a people (the Jews) above all the other peoples of the world when such favouritism was bound to cause problems, and you knew they were going to mess it up (being omnipotent an’ all)?
9.     If you wanted to put signs in the Qur’an so we could be sure it was from you, why choose science that was already known at the time of the revelation?
10  Why did you perfect evolution but not use it for humans (even though you cleverly left signs in our bodies to strongly suggest we evolved, thus encouraging us to doubt your word about Adam and Eve and thus consign us to Hell?