10 more questions for Allah

1.     Why give Jesus the message for humanity that we should love our enemies and then contradict his teaching by saying we have a duty to wage war on them?
2.     Why give us the ability to reason and think for ourselves, and then tell us what to think and do down to the tiniest detail of our everyday lives?
3.     Doesn't your claim that the Qur'an is "mubeen" (clear), when approximately one fifth of it is unintelligible - and thus untranslatable - prove you are fallible and therefore a creation of man?
4.     Doesn't also your claim that the Qur'an is written in pure Arabic, when it in fact contains many non-Arabic words, prove that you are fallible and therefore a creation of man?
5.     If Islam is the one true faith, why punish those countries which follow it by making them the most violent, corrupt and dangerous places to live on Earth?
6.     Why is being worshipped so important to you? Isn't creating us solely to worship you a bit - how can I put this - needy?
7.     Aren't there worse things in this life than worshipping the wrong God (or no God at all)? Why reserve all your special, sadistic threats for non-believers instead of those who enslave, rape or kill?
8.     Why is so much of your ""final" revelation specific to a particular time and a particular culture? Shouldn't the last time our creator talks to us before we are all judged contain a more universal and timeless message?
9.     If, as you claim, the Jews corrupted their scripture, why didn’t they paint themselves in a better light in their new, improved version?
10. Why don't you trust a woman's word as much as a man's?