Dawah Olympics - iERA go for gold with a giant pyramid selling scam!

iERA, my favourite Islamic educational and research organisation, has launched a new dawah campaign for the Olympics. Abdurraham Green, chairman, has been tweeting excitedly about the tens of thousands of leaflets which will be distributed this summer to coincide with The Games. There will be five flyers which donors can choose from to help publish and distribute - all with a unique, uplifting message such as: Every soul will taste death. Then to us you will be returned. 29.57 A bit different from the ubiquitous: Plan your journey - arrive on time, although now I come to think of it...
In any case, this got me to thinking about dawah and the pyramid selling nature of conversion in Islam.
It seems that in Islam, if you bring one soul to Allah then you get the benefit of all the good works done by that soul. Not only that, you also get the payback from that soul's children's good works.
The nature of this has not escaped Mr Green. But far from being embarrassed that dawah, to all intents and purposes, is predicated on an enormous spiritual ponzi scheme, Abdurraham seems amused and even inspired  by the fact.
"You know pyramid schemes? Anyone ever been bitten by one of those? I know I have! (ironic chuckle) You know what? Well you know what, this is a REAL one, but for adja*! This is where you get adja, 'cause if you start at the top and you start this movement, brothers and sisters, everyone you bring on board, everyone you get to bring dawah, every person who comes to Islam, you're getting the adja for it. Does that sound like something you want to meet Allah on the day of judgement with, yes or no?"
Now I hate to be the fly in the ointment here, but does that mean that if I bring someone to Islam who turns out not to be such a good bet, I get negative points, so to speak? Let's imagine that with my amazing Yusuf Estes-like powers of persuasion I manage to convince Mr Smith down the road to convert to Islam. Unfortunately for me, Mr Smith turns out to be a bad egg and enjoys the odd drink, flutter and occasional petty theft. Does that sound like something I want to meet Allah on the day of judgement with? And what happens if his kids turn out even worse? Suddenly Allah's pyramid scheme doesn't seem like such a good deal after all.

Just asking.

*adja (sp?)