They Say She Made No Impact And That They Didn't Even Care! #Reality

ASalam o Alaikum to our Muslim Brothers and Sisters and a warm hello to the Qadiani Readers out there!

We have now taken full control of the this particular site and are also in the process of acquiring one other Qadiani Awareness Site. We are a South London group of Muslims, born as Muslims ALHAMDULILLAH, and have no family ties or any such connection with any Qadiani or the Qadiani Community, besides reverts like Sister Findings and others...

Cult Girl is a member of our Muslim Community; having secretly attended events/khutbahs/seminars for many years as a Muslim while living with her kind parents, who are from the Qadiani sect. She approached us a few months back and made us aware she was leaving London permanently and needed trusted people to man the Blog for her from now on. We are humbled that she felt we were worthy of such a task and were delighted to be handed control of the site. It's not that we think Qadianis are of any such importance that we decided to do this but rather, we saw the good in this site and the need for it too. Qadianis are restricted and are oppressed and they to be shown the true colours of their leadership.

At present we will leave the site dormant for some time now, most likely till the end of the year, or quite possibly left alone until next summer; as we figure out how best to manage this Blog in our own way, while retaining the much loved style of Findings. We are also very busy in our own Dawah projects and in our personal lives, and maintaining a Blog like this would need some TLC, something none of us can give just yet. We will try to pass through comments but we would advise readers to perhaps use their time wisely eslewhere as this Blog will not be manned now for at least 6 months or so, and we do not wish for you to waste your time. We also need to come to grips with as our Sister refers to it as 'Ahmadiyya Jargon', and get to know how the system works and who is who, so when we write about it, we actually know who and what were are talking about! Its clearly not enough to know the main lad  Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, because the Qadianis have successfully created a system beyond that. We would like to tell the officials in the Qadiani sect that we are not your enemies but feel we have a duty to expose you for the betterment of the people you are misguiding and for the sake of the Ummah you are disrespecting. You deserve this and should accept it as part and parcel of your jobs. Public figures, who are 'Googleable' should be prepared for this kind of thing and as most of the Qadiani Leadership are 'Googleable' we feel that no boundary has been crossed. This is a community project, for the benefit of the entire community, the Muslim Community and the non-Muslim community including the Qadianis.

Our Sister notified us that the Jamaat has taken their case to the High Court in order to bring the site down (bothered, much? very much!) and provided us with the relevant documents. We are sharing a small snippet with you to show the Qadianis of England proof of this, as we feel you have a right to know what your Jamaat does with its time when its not window dressing itself in front of English guests and on MTA. It also serves as proof to all those who doubted her impact. We have ample evidence to suggest she has caused many a problem amongst the top, something Qadianis are not able to see and are not awarded the opportunity to be part of. One must question why they are taking such drastic and very expensive measures to close this site down. What are they so desperate to keep quiet? We know but do you? What happened to freedom of speech and love for all hatred for none? Only Allah knows!

The Case continues....

May Allah protect our Ummah and guide the sincere and good hearted Qadianis to the truth.

All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all the Worlds and we ask for the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon his Last and Final Messenger, The Last in the Chain of ALL Prophets, Hadhrat Muhammed Mustafa S.A.W.S and his Family. The Real and One&Only Hadhrat Ahmad S.A.W.S!