10 reasons I don't believe in Allah

1. Threats and bribes are not worthy of a Supreme Being.
2. His final message to me was unintelligible - I don't speak classical Arabic.
3. I can't appreciate the only "miracle" in Islam - see #2
4. His Heaven seems too much like a man's sexual fantasy.
5. His Hell seems too much like a sadist's fantasy.
6. His explanation of creation makes no sense.
7. The punishments he wants us to inflict on each other are both cruel and counter-productive.
8. He thinks women should be subservient to men. (when it should obviously be the other way round - just ask my wife...)
9. He can't cope with LGBT issues.
10. His "tests" (such as making some of us disabled, some of us poor, some of us victims of abuse, some of us prey to the most appalling diseases, some of us gay) seem to be unfairly distributed. Why is a child in sub-Saharan Africa "tested" with malnutrition, disease, civil war, Aids, losing her parents.. whilst I have it easy?