Islam - political ideology or religion? Christopher Stevens knows the answer.

Muslims reading this will question the very premise of the title. Of course it's a religion, they will say. And of course they're right. Up to a point. However, a brief examination of the events of the last few days shows that for many (if not most) followers of Islam, politics and religion are but two branches of the same tree.
In the West, we watch in sickened resignation the crowds massing outside the American Embassy in Benghazi, baying for blood (quite literally), tearing apart American flags and rejoicing in the death of the Mr. Stevens.
"Our Prophet is the best human ever! You cannot insult our Prophet! You cannot insult our religion!"
How hard did the evil, sh*t-stirring bastard who set in motion this whole train of events have to work to find the insignificant little film and then publicise it, I wonder. Sometimes you have to put in incredibly long hours to be insulted, it seems.
But that is not the point. The umma don't just believe in the superiority of the super-man, Muhammad and in his revelation being the actual words of God. No, they believe in the inherent, unquestionable superiority of a way of life that demands complete submission to their God (which of course is the only God) and the consequent complete submission of the whole of humanity to their belief system.
If this were an overtly political ideology then those who abhor totalitarianism could stand openly and resist. But Islam stands behind the assumption that it is a religion. Those who dare criticise it are in turn castigated for being insensitive or worse.
So please answer me this. If you are a Muslim and you believe that Allah intends for the whole of mankind to bow down (literally) and worship Him and more, that it is your duty to bring this day closer, where do you draw the line between political and religious action?
Pakistan: 14-9-12
                                               outside the US embassy in London 14-9-12
Photos courtesy of Middle East in Photos