Last Chance Saloon Romney

How bad was the Romney 47% Gaffe? It was bad, but by no means is the race over. It should not be forgotten that Barack Obama would never have won four years ago had it not been for the financial crisis that hit in the late summer of 2008 which was a massive blow to the Republican Parties attempts at retaining the Presidency. There are six weeks to go until the 2012 election. Anything could happen between now and then. A foreign policy crisis, an Obama gaffe or a fresh political controversy could all see Romney take the lead in this race. However make no mistake it was a big gaffe that the Obama team will mercilessly exploit. Firstly, while I don't know the figures I'm pretty sure the percentage of Americans paying no tax is much lower that 47%. Secondly, even if there is a large chunk of the American population receiving welfare, food stamps or government assistance of some sort it doesn't mean than many of them don't desperately want to get out of that situation. To refer to the 47% as victims who he doesn't need to worry about was careless, even if it was behind closed doors. Look, we all know that in every society there is a section of the population that are perfectly content to live off the state. But that is nowhere near as high as 47%, certainly not in the US. I feel sorry for the guy because we all speak with a different tone in private but I hope for his sake there are no more similar tapes out there because at this stage there is only so many more hits Romney can afford to take before this campaign will be out of his hands and he will be relying on Obama mistakes.