iERA and Gods existance (sic)

Gods Existance

It pains me to put such illiterate nonsense in my blog title but sometimes aesthetic concerns must bow to the greater need to expose the cretins at the Islamic EDUCATION and Research Association (a registered charity, for f*ck's sake) for what they are. Today they deserve to be pilloried not just for their moronic attempts at philosophy and logic but for their evident ignorance of basic grammar and spelling.

The offending title appears in the "advanced dawah" section of their website. This is presumably where those who have progressed beyond basic bollocks go to learn specialist techniques for spouting cutting-edge, innovative, jaw-dropping bollocks. 

The first subheading under their nonsensical title is "The Dawkins delusion - a response to Richard Dawkins". I bet the professor is quaking in his atheist boots...

(Unfortunately, the link appears not to work. If anyone can track down iERA's no doubt searing endictment of the professor's work on evolutionary biology I'd love to hear from you...)