Reasoning the non-existence of God - a challenge to iERA

Here's our favourite philosopher-guru cum logic-chopper, Abdur Raheem Green of the iERA, telling us to use our common sense and logic (stop sniggering at the back there!) to reach the unavoidable conclusion that God exists.

 For Muslims, he says, faith is not mysterious, but rational and based upon evidence. He continues, appealing to our rationality and logic:
"Our universal human experience tells us that where we see order, something working according to patterns, then something or someone has ordered it."

I have a question (in fact I have many, but let's stick to the ones which leap up and shout, "Hey - ask the patronising idiot this one!")
Who ordered the pattern below, Abdur? According to your "common sense", the regular patterns we see here are either a mirage (they don't really exist) or the product of a conscious "creator wind".

Or how about this? Did a conscious "creator volcano" produce the basalt outcrops that form the famous Giants' Causeway in County Antrim on the North East coast of Northern Ireland? Or perhaps you believe the legend that tells of an Irish warrior Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn MacCool), who built the causeway? Because according to your rational islam, when we see patterns "we know someone ordered it."
I can understand how uneducated, superstitious men might have wondered about such things and made up stories to explain the seemingly inexplicable. But how can someone with the benefit of a modern education still labour under such misapprehensions? How can the clowns at iERA receive the benefits of charitable status when their "education" is of such a level?

And it's not just static patterns that defy Abdur's and the miracle seekers' faulty reasoning. Here's an example from a famous set of  experiments called "The Game of Life" used by scientists to show how complex patterns can emerge from the unlikeliest of sources: in this case a basic set of rules along the lines of if an adjacent cell is empty move, if three cells surrounding an empty cell are "live", that cell comes to life etc etc. Press play to see how a totally unpredictable but regular and ordered pattern emerges.