The Qur'an - "a new literary form"

Moliere -not  inventor of  the comedie-ballet  (that was Allah)

In his literary study of the Qur'an, The Qur'an's Challenge: A Literary & Linguistic Miracle, Hamza Tzortzis of the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) makes the following incredible claim.

The development of an entirely new literary form is beyond the scope of the natural capacity of any human author, hence a Divine entity, Allah, is the only sufficient comprehensive explanation. 

This claim is one used by Muslims the world over to convince themselves and putative converts of the miraculous -and thus divine - nature of the their holy text. It is, indeed, one of the more important claims used by dawah (evangelical) operatives in their bid to convert Westerners to Islam.

And yet the claim is so ridiculous as to be beyond parody.


Because were it the case that the proof of the Qur'an's divine origin lay in its "entirely" novel literary form*, then we would, by extension, have to credit Allah with the invention of all other literary forms - for they too were once "entirely new" and thus beyond the scope of the natural capacity blah blah blah....

There can thus be no human inventor of poetry, prose or drama - nor any of its myriad forms. Allah must have come up with them all. Period. Nor in the future can there be any literary innovation without divine intervention. Is this really what we are being asked to believe? Is this the case for the other arts, too? Is it impossible that Impressionism or Cubism or Opera came from a mere human mind?
What a very prosaic, uninspiring and ultimately dispiriting view of the world. 

I wonder, do those who blindly accept the lies and moronic claims of charlatans like those at iERA never sit and think for a moment what they are being asked to believe?

As Moliere once said: People can be induced to swallow anything...What a pity that those who are responsible for such shameful inducements can no longer be held up to ridicule by the man who wrote, inter alia, that (in)famous satire of religious hypocrisy, Tartuffe.

* the so-called "entirely novel literary form" consists, in essence, of being less restricted by the rules of poetic composition extant at the time - or free verse, if you will. The claims to uniqueness and indeed greatness have been examined here. The difficulties inherent in Qur'anic literary criticism are examined here.