Hey - leave the Muslims alone!

Just recently an anonymous commentor accused me of being a racist.
Apart from inadvertently omitting to publish his previous comment, I can't think of anything I had done to upset him personally, so I can only assume he thought me such for daring to run a blog that criticises i.the charlatans whose claims to scientific miracles in the Qur'an are persuading the vulnerable to convert, and ii. some of the more disturbing (as I see it) aspects of Islamic belief (such as exhortations to physically chastise - or worse - those who have sex with someone of the same gender or those who commit adultery or those who leave Islam or those who criticise the Islamic state or wives who repeatedly disobey their husbands...)

Another recent commentor asked why I don't spend time examining the contradictions in the Bible and went on to accuse me of pretending to be an atheist while all the while being a secret Christian...

So let me clarify.

I shall say this only once.

1. I think all religions are nonsense.
2. I shall fight for the right to be able to say as much as long as I have breath.
3. I shall fight for your right to believe in whatever nonsense you wish as long as you don't force me to share your delusions.
4. I shall express my support for any community that is persecuted for their beliefs or way of life whether they be Muslim, gay, Jew, lesbian, Christian, trans, Morris dancers, Reading FC supporters...
5. I focus on Islam and not other religions only because a close friend converted and started to believe that i. mankind came from Adam and Eve and the Evolution of species is a lie ii. that 9-11 and 7-7 were inside jobs iii. that there are scientific miracles in the Qur'an, and finally that iv. all his mates whom he had previously been happy to spend time with in the pub were going to go to hell to be roasted for an eternity by his "merciful" god.

That's the reason for this blog. If you think that makes me a racist then I can't do anything for you.
If you want to discuss any of the above in a calm and reasonable way I'd be delighted to have a chat.