eat read love #popupdinner launches at Balmain Wharf

EAT, READ, LOVE #POPUPDINNER series kicks off in style at the beautiful Balmain Wharf Apartments. A few weeks ago I hosted my very first eat read love #popupdinner! It was so much fun. Inspired by Kinfolk Magazine's dinner series, me and a small group of food loving friends met at the beautiful Balmain Wharf Apartments overlooking Sydney Harbour. The lovely Mario (who is an absolute gentlemen and all round amazing chef) cooked up a storm for us in the apartment kitchen, with a divine rustic chicken roast, and the most amazing almond tart I have ever tasted. As the city lights sparkled we sat together enjoying a fine meal overlooking the harbour watching the ferries pass by - a beautiful evening of Sydney magic, food and friendship. This was the pilot and it was so much fun I am definitely going to do it again, and again, and again...... big plans to come! {Oh and some late breaking news....after my first #popupdinner I was invited to co-host a very special KINFOLK Magazine event in Sydney with Blog Society which I am soooooo excited about. More on that coming soon on the blog}

A HUGE THANK YOU TO MY beautiful partners and supporters for the inaugural eatreadlove #popupdinner. You are the BEST!!

Thank you to my beautiful girls Kate, Kim, Bec, and Sam for being my lovely company (aka guinea pigs...for the first pop up) :)