What Many Nonblack Americans Are Talking About While Foolish, Unprotected African-American Women Obsess Over Trayvon Martin

Here's an extremely disturbing news video that shows one of several news stories that many nonblack Americans are talking about while many African-Americans (AAs) obsess over the George Zimmerman trial:

Thankfully, this violent negro male home invader has been arrested. You may wonder: What's the connection between this and the death of Trayvon Martin?

Here's the connection as I see it: More than a few nonblack American men are going to do whatever they feel they must do to protect their women and children from savage brutes like the negro male who invaded that home, and robbed and beat that woman in front of her child. If that means taking the chance of preemptively shooting down a seemingly innocent Black male, then so be it (as far as many nonblack family men are concerned).

If that means erecting "peace walls," then so be it.

A lot of AA women don't understand this, because many AA women (including many of those who are currently married to BM) have never experienced having a man who sees it as his duty to physically protect and provide for them and their children. As I said during this post, the masses of African-American men assume NO responsibility whatsoever for protecting the women and children in their neighborhoods.

That’s why deeply confused African-American women, such as the Deborah movement in Chicago, try to take on the male duty of protecting Black residential areas. White male-dominated law enforcement is the only thing currently standing between the Black women and girls who live in Black neighborhoods and mass rape.

Profiles get started for a reason. Namely, that people start to notice a correlation between certain types of activities and certain types of people. AAs can shriek and whine as much as we want to about racial profiling, discrimination, etc. AA women can write as many books as they want to in support of BM criminals. Meanwhile, nonblack family men WILL take whatever steps they deem necessary to protect their women and children from violent criminals, including BM criminals.

While the masses of AA women and children remain unprotected from BM criminals and predators.

As far as I can tell, most AA blog readers self-segregate in their reading material and only read blogs that they agree with. Many AAs have no idea about the sorts of conversations that are taking place in other corners of the blogosphere. Many of these conversations in other parts of the blogosphere revolve around White men discussing what they can do to protect their families from negro male "flash mobs," and other types of violent AA male criminals.

Instead of obsessing over Trayvon Martin's death and George Zimmerman's trial, I would suggest any and all AA women who haven't already done so start seeing to their OWN safety and survival.