Next Steps Along The Sojourners’ Path, Part 1

As I watch events continue to play out as I predicted several years ago, I thought now would be a good time to discuss some next steps for those of us who are Sojourners. We’ve already got the basics covered:
(1) We’ve left Blackistan to reside in much safer and supportive areas.

(2) We work toward actively protecting our physical and mental health with consciously-chosen healthier diets, regular exercise, and plenty of self-pampering.
(3) We’ve cleansed our social circles of male-identified women, damaged-beyond-repair individuals of either gender, along with anybody else who is unable or unwilling to reciprocate our fellowship and support.

(4) We’re forming as many mutually supportive relationships (of all kinds, romantic, friendship, religious fellowship, and so on) and networks as possible. Our relationships and interactions are based on reciprocity, not race or color. We support those people who support us. We don’t support people who don’t support us. We especially don’t support people who hate us.
We naturally gravitate toward reciprocating relationships, and away from one-sided relationships. We didn’t need a sermon to explain to us why we should not financially support Precious, Red Tails, D’Jango Unchained, The Butler, Tyler Perry flicks, etc. Because we highly value ourselves, we are automatically repulsed at the notion of giving money to people who hate us.

(5) We work toward developing additional, location-independent income streams for ourselves.
What next? Here are a few suggestions:

Become Even More Proactive About Preserving Your Health and Food Security

It’s never a good time to be sick. In this era of economic collapse, it’s an especially bad time to be sick. It’s an especially bad time to be an AA woman who treats hypertension or early onset diabetes as some sort of rite of passage. There will be more news stories like this one from the past couple of months: Cries of Betrayal as Detroit Plans to Cut Pensions.

This news story features something we’ll see more of as each day passes: A 73 year old African-American (AA) lady who is caring for a more or less invalid BM husband who needs dialysis 3x per week. Multiply that type of set-up (1 or more adults depending on ONE elderly AA woman who's carrying their burdens for them) by literally millions of AA women. It reminds me of a recent comment to this post at another blog by a commenter named Oshun (partial quote from comment #9):

. . . It seems like all the people I used to know even people in my family are on the razor’s edge. (Knock hard on wood) Underemployed or unemployed + DBR BM and BW who keep having babies like it is 1945 and we are going through an economic boom = disaster.
I have mule aunts who work full time and have nothing to show for it. They keep coming around asking for financial help and food because they are supporting DBR family who do nothing, but leech and keep up drama and discord and have babies. These women are too young for assistance late 40s- 50s and make too much money according to the poverty scale, but they are drowning.
They have taken in a lot of DBRs (sons usually) and their baby mamas, and toddlers and newborns. And the suffering is palatable.
I have one aunt who is supporting her son, his wife, and their two children. Sometimes their utilities are on and sometimes not. Sometimes the rent gets paid and sometimes it is 4 months behind.
I am not an advocate for aid, but they need to apply for it. And they won’t. They won’t even try to get food stamps, which is the least they could do, and then buy food for the whole house. They also will not clean or cook and then will cuss her out. So she comes over here hunting for food.
Then the people on her job are trying to force her out because they want to use temp workers not people they have to pay benefits too. If she loses her job she is up crap creek and so are they.
My next door 40 something neighbor is one of the sorriest things I have ever seen. He has moved in with his grandmother and is leeching off of her because I guess it is so hard out there that baby mamas and desperate women are putting these men out. I am noticing a phenomenon where DBRs are just piling up on older female family members like never before. . . .


The Mammy Mules whose lives are mostly filled with non-reciprocating parasites are being wiped out as we speak. The DBRs in their lives are piling up on them; and now they’ve got multiple adult parasites sleeping on their couches. As the Mammy Mules continue drowning, they’re going to try to grab hold of any nearby functional Black person. Get clear of the Mammy Mules before they drag you down with them.
Become Even More Proactive About Preserving Your Health
For those who are healthy, work to prevent unnecessary illness by making nutritional and fitness changes whose positive benefits are supported by peer-reviewed medical research.

For those who are dealing with a health challenge, use conventional medical treatments as the foundation of what one is doing while exploring alternative practices that might be helpful.
Let me emphasize this point. I repeat: Any nutritional, fitness-related, etc. regimen should be an adjunct to, NOT a replacement for, conventional medical treatments. There are a lot of snake oil peddlers who slap the words “natural,” “holistic,” “vegetarian,” “herbal,” “macrobiotic,” etc. onto their products in order to make sales.

There are also a lot of people who have semi-food cults operating.

None of this is what I'm talking about.

A now-deceased colleague initially played the herbal, “holistic,” and prayer game instead of surgery and other conventional treatments for her breast cancer. As I mentioned years ago in an earlier post, SHE IS DEAD because of this. She died after several years of suffering.

She suffered and died after the cancer spread. She allowed the cancer to spread by her initial refusal to accept conventional medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. She spent many months after diagnosis doing the “holistic,” “natural,” “prayer-based,” etc. practices instead of conventional treatments.

She gambled. She lost. She paid with intense physical suffering. She paid with her life. I would urge folks not to make the same mistake. Don't reject the blessings that God has created by allowing medical and scientific knowledge to advance.
From what I've read, traditional Eastern forms of medicine deal with the body's physical environment. With cultivating the patient's internal physical environment in a way that prevents disease processes from taking root and growing in that “soil.” This only makes sense in the context of before a medical crisis (such as cancer, etc.) has developed.

Conventional, Western medicine deals with health issues at the point of crisis. After a condition has developed. Conventional, Western medicine is superior for treating acute, medical crises.

The M.D./Ph.D. who wrote the book Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life (who is also a cancer survivor himself, by the way) talked about the peer-reviewed medical research indicating that it takes a matter of years for a person's body to create a cancerous tumor. It's estimated that it takes 5-40 years for a cancer cell to become a cancer tumor.
There are internal processes that support this growth (such as creation of blood vessels to divert nutrients to the developing cancer tumor, etc.).

What this author is talking about is basically keeping one's internal soil clean of cancer “weeds” by making nutritional and other changes that interrupt the tumor-generating process. There are certain compounds within various foods that hinder a cancer cell's ability to “hijack” and grow new blood vessels for its own use.

The point of all of the prevention methods that are supported by peer-reviewed medical research are to block the internal processes that enable dangerous conditions to develop. Prevention only works to the extent that a person catches the situation before an internal weed (such as a cancerous tumor) has taken root and developed. If you wait until after a medical condition develops in order to make nutritional and other changes, it's not prevention anymore. At that point, you need reputable, conventional medical treatment.

Once the medical condition is present, I believe that it's best to seek out conventional, Western medical treatment. And only use other things as an adjunct to, not a replacement for, conventional medical treatments.
Due to peak oil and economic collapse, there will come a day when the current, high-tech, energy-intensive medical treatments will only be available to the super-rich. There will be a day when most of us have to depend on herbal remedies and prevention for our health. It’s wise to learn about such things while they’re still optional.
It’s also wise to get some measure of control over your food. And, for your own health, to get away from industrialized food as much as possible. Which leads me to gardening.
Get Proactive About Your Food Security With Personal Food Forests and Victory Gardens
Sojourners need to take note of how savvy Whites are creating food forests to ensure their families’ and neighborhoods’ survival. They’re also talking about hidden survival gardens. A group in Seattle is taking action on food forests. There’s going to be a lot of real hunger in the U.S. as time goes by. Most AAs will be “perpetually surprised” (as veteran Common Sense blogger Evia calls the behavior pattern) as they starve.
The majority of AAs will be perpetually surprised that there won’t be any additional government programs put in place to rescue them from starvation. They’ll also be surprised to see the dialysis centers (that are conveniently located in AA areas) and other medical care designed to treat ailments caused by lifestyle choices (such as obesity-related ailments) disappear. They will be perpetually surprised that the U.S. government prefers to spend what little money it has left on wars, and not on propping up the dysfunctional AA collective.
Meanwhile, the Sojourners and other sensible people will continue thriving.


Here's a comment to the latest Archdruid Report post that gives an idea of how fragile the modern hi-tech medical system truly is:

Blogger  Bogatyr said...
I posted this a few days ago, but it doesn't seem to have gone through...

Kyrgyztan: Alternative medicine tries to fill healthcare gap

For all the discussion of resistance to antibiotics, the process of manufacturing and delivering medicines of all kinds is long and complex.

In Greece, pharmaceuticals are unavailable because pharmacies can't afford them. Here in the UK, we almost ran out a few years ago because they come into the country by air, and all shipments stopped when Eyjafjallajokull erupted.

Modern medicine apparently collapsed in Kyrgyzstan with the fall of the Soviet empire. Catabolic collapse in the West means the same may happen to us.
9/2/13, 11:27 AM

Ladies, carry on with optimizing your lives!