Canada: Lives Lived | Remembering Tanya Khan, 38

A visit to Tanya’s mosque, the Ahmadiyya Baitul Islam Mosque in Maple, Ont., was a delightful experience each time, and through hundreds of trips we found that a true bond had developed among us, over and above work.

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Source/Credit: The Globe and Mail
By Judy Csillag | September 4, 2013

Wife, mother, teacher, interfaith activist, spiritual angel. Born Aug. 3, 1975, in Edmonton, died Aug. 6, 2013, in Toronto of complications from a brain aneurysm, aged 38.

‘A woman of valour, who can find?” asks the book of Proverbs. “Far beyond rubies is her value.”

We had found our woman of valour in an everlasting friendship with Tanya Khan. “We” were the three musketeers of interfaith activism: Tanya, a devout Muslim, Rev. Cathy Gibbs, an Anglican priest, and me, a Jew. So different and yet exactly the same, we were all bent on making the world a better place through common understanding, stoked by a great love and respect among the three of us.
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