Egyptian Newspaper Depicts President Obama as the Devil

I'm guessing that Bush gets the blame for this, too.

Popular and widely read Egyptian newspaper Al Wafd published the above picture today portraying U.S. President Barrack Hussein Obama as Satan himself. The unflattering picture has been making the rounds on Facebook in the Middle East and, according to Al Wafd, is representative of the hatred growing numbers of people in the region have for the American president, thanks to his staunch and unwavering support for Islamists and jihadiis — whether in Nigeria, Libya, Egypt, or Syria — even as they terrorize, murder, rape, and burn down Christian churches, that is, even as they engage in diabolical activities.

Remember when President Obama was going to repair the image of the United States in the Muslim world while bringing peace to the Middle East?

Good times. Good times.

Now we appear to be only a couple of prophecies away from the apocalypse.

Hat tip: BadBlue News Service.