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The Citizen of the World Presidency: Elliott Abrams
Obama's Smoking Gun Syrian Evidence was Doctored?: Nice Deb
Limbaugh: Obama's flip-flop so bad it's "psychopathic": Jason Howerton

How Amnesty Goes Away: Mickey Kaus
Amendments for Liberty : Hans A. von Spakovsky
Organizing for Action acting to avoid organizing over #Syria.: Moe Lane

Obama shows up late, alone at dinner hosted by Putin at G20: FAM
Drawing Inside the (Red) Lines: DiploMad
Voters explode on John McCain at town hall over Syria: Blaze


ObamaCare Employer Mandate: A List Of Cuts To Work Hours, Jobs: IBD
U.S. Report Makes Case for Food Stamp Increase: JW
Fliers target Portland neighbors on food stamps: KPTV

Labor unions turning on Democrats: Bill McMorris
Study: “Longest Period of Economic Decline in American History”: Mac Slavo
Obamacare foes wrong about impact on employment--or just early?: Peth

Scandal Central

Obama Circumvents Immigration Law Again: Keith Koffler
Special Ops Vet Group Wants Truth About Benghazi Before Syria Strike: Breitbart
NRA joins ACLU lawsuit against NSA spying, fearing gun registry: Bearing Arms

Climate & Energy

Former senior EPA adviser Beale expected to plead guilty in $900,000 pay fraud: WaPo


Poll Results: Conservative Bloggers Overwhelmingly Oppose Bombing Syria: RWN
Kerry: Syrian Opposition Mostly Moderates. Reality: No They Aren't: Ace
Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans: EIB

On Syria, I Respectfully Dissent: Andrew C. McCarthy
Liberals in the Media Upset About Obama Sign... On An Outhouse: John Hawkins
Ana Marie Cox Gets Leveled by Mark Levin: Breitbart


Putin Puts Obama in Hot Seat: ‘What Will You Do If Rebels Using Chemical Weapons?’: Raymond Ibrahim
Al Qaeda-Linked Syrian Rebels: We'll Slaughter Christians Once U.S. Helps Us Win: TPNN
The Stupidity Of Chemical Weapons As Justification To Attack Syria: Herschel Smith

War-Mongering Hypocrites: Lone-Star Watchdog
Iran threatens brutal attacks on Americans, Obama family: DC
CIA Evidence of ‘Horrendous’ Syrian Atrocities Will Be Given to Senators: Niels Lesniewski

Obama’s Syrian Adventure: Is ‘Arab Spring’ Fantasy Still in Play?: Roger Kimball
Syria: Charlie Daniels
Saudi Arabia must choose freedom: The Hill


How to remain secure against NSA surveillance: Bruce Schneier
Qualcomm Toq smartwatch (pictures): CNet
Down syndrome reversed in newborn mice with single injection: ABC Australia


No Matter How Hard We Run, We Can Never Escape Our Childhood Breakfast Cereals: Ace
Dreams of His Arab Communist Father: 90 Miles
D.C. cops under orders to arrest tourists with empty bullet casings: Exam

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QOTD: "Perhaps the only thing more absurd than our president is his band of followers and apologists. Like faithful brainless and gutless Orwellian caricatures they follow along with every bend, twist, deletion, and redaction of the record. It appears that liberals have both short-term and long-term memory loss, and do not realize that in today's digital age, stupid words are forever.

This Syrian mess was built by Obama; it is an annex to the mess he and Hillary made in North Africa and is compounded by how they threw away our gains in Iraq in exchange for nothing.

If Obama cannot handle this, do you think he can handle Iran?" --W. Lewis Amselem