Larwyn's Linx: Obama lies to the world: I didn’t set a red line

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Obama lies to the world: I didn’t set a red line: Scoop
Community Organizer Goes to War: Ann Coulter
Obama, Shifting From ‘Forward’ to ‘For War’: Jim Geraghty

Endgame: It’s time to bomb Syria, says … Howard Dean: Hot Air
Mr. President Massachusetts Abstains, Courteously: DTG
“It doesn’t matter which way you go, so long as I get somewhere.”: MOTUS

Boehner’s Syria Surrender: Matthew Vadum
Meet the Syrian Islamist Group Controlling John McCain’s Agenda: FPM
Gold Star Mom Slams Poker Player McCain: Ben Shapiro


A nation of dependent Julias (and Julians): James Pethokoukis
WI public pension system struggles to earn a living: SAB
Patricia Heaton tweets video of professor’s anti-Republican rant: Twitchy

Scandal Central

GOP Congressman Goes After John Kerry Hard On Benghazi: John Hawkins
Benghazi Mention Sparks Fireworks in Syria Hearing: Matt Fuller, Roll Call
WH rebrands controversial immigration post to skirt funding cut-off: Fox

Climate & Energy

Taking the EPA to Court: News-Register
Gold miners cry foul over 'heavy-handed' EPA raids: Alaska Dispatch


The Blasphemy Police: Mark Steyn
Oh My: NY Times Notes The Brutality From Syrian Rebels: STACLU
‘Political Comedian’ Embarrasses Himself at CNN: C4P


Million Muslim March Organizers Delete Extremist Posts: Ryan Mauro
Putin Lashes Out, Accuses Kerry Of Lying To Congress: ZH
House panel debate raises new doubts on Syria resolution: MarineCorpsTimes

Syrian Rebels Attack, Shell Christian Village: Bryan Preston
John McCain: a Senile, Drooling Old Fool Setting National Security Policy: Robert Spencer
Jabhat al-Nusra Rebels Admit Responsibility for Chemical Weapons Attack: Paul Joseph Watson


The CIA's Grand Challenges with Big Data - Structure:Data 2013: GigaOm
The End of Email As We Know It: John Herrman, BuzzFeed
Zeus copy machine hits Kickstarter with all-in-one 3D printer, scanner and fax: Sean Buckley, Engadget


Operation Call Your “Representatives”: AWD
How About A Beer Summit With Syria? Didn’t Think So…: SHN
Blurred Red Lines: iOTW

Image: House panel debate raises new doubts on Syria resolution
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QOTD: "This is a monster failure, an absolute massive failure on John Boehner’s part. This is a couple of debt ceiling negotiations ago- only a trillion or two ago- where John Boehner just basically went to the White House and said ‘debt doesn’t really matter, I am not willing to use shutting down the government as a tool. I will not even threaten it, I will not do it.’ And so Barack Obama has been pushing him around since then and it really is travesty for conservatives to have somebody in there like John Boehner who is really not an effective leader." --David Bossie