Pakistan: 7th September, a horrifying day for Ahmadis in this Islamic Republic

40 years later, here we stand. The message of Ahmadiyyat has reached the corners of the Earth and millions of people convert to Ahmadiyyat every year, new countries discover this message of peace and love.

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Source/Credit: Rantings Of A Bub
By Rantings Of A Bub | September 7, 2013

Today is 7th September, 2013. 40 years ago, on this day, Bhutto took the step of declaring the Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan to be non-Muslims and forcefully turning them into a minority, according to the wishes of all the religious extremists, regardless of the fact that Ahmadis had sacrificed their life, blood and honour for the making of Pakistan.

Ahmadis, after this declaration, were not allowed to offer prayers or call their prayers Namaz. They were not allowed to call their places of worship 'mosques'. They were not allowed to say or print words like 'InshAllah' 'Bismillah' 'Allah' 'Muslims' etc. They were not allowed to preach or carry out their religious activities. They were not allowed to call their Holy Book 'Quran'. They were not allowed to recite the Kalima Tayyaba. Basically, to summarise it, they were not allowed to say or do any thing which would make them look like Muslims. If they made the mistake of doing so, they would have to pay a heavy fine or be imprisoned for 3 years.
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