Pakistan: Parliament’s decision will not fade the Ahmadi contribution to Pakistan

Some may find it inconvenient to acknowledge the facts as they stand. Nevertheless, these details can be left to the conscience of the reader.

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By Syed Amaar Ahmad | September 7th, 2013

Today 7th September would mark the 39th anniversary of the infamous decision by Bhutto’s parliament to declare Ahmadis ‘non-Muslims’ for the purpose of constitution. By meddling in religious matters and pandering to Mullahs, the progressive Pakistan of 1960s eventually turned into a hotbed of extremism with a divided society that is confused about ideology.

What people has Pakistan disowned in these 39 years? Following is a list of a few of the many sons of the soil – all of whom happen to be Ahmadis – who were Pakistan’s true heroes and whose contribution to the nation is being maligned and erased by people whose own loyalty to the land is dubious.
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