Religious leaders in Asean

The dispute over the use of the word “Allah” shows the lack of willingness on the part of many of Malay-Muslim leaders to lead by example and to exercise restraint, and these leaders appear to have been eager to inflame the situation for political gain.

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Source/Credit: The Malaysian Insider
By Zaid Ibrahim | September 07, 2013

Meitkila is a small town in central Myanmar. Last month, 45 homes belonging to Rohingya Muslims were burnt down in another one of the many incidents of Buddhist cruelty against Muslims.

The most gruesome incident was narrated by Dr Holly Atkinson of Physicians for Human Rights. She told of kerosene being poured on a 13-year-old Muslim boy, and of how he was burnt alive. The many reports received by independent witnesses seemed to confirm the generally-held view that the Myanmar Police and Army were just observers to these atrocities and were not actively doing enough to prevent the killing of Muslims.

 In Myanmar in the past year alone, more than 450 Muslims have died and 250,000 have been displaced, losing their homes because of religious-inspired violence. But Myanmar is not alone.
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