Roll Call Embarrassment Taegan Goddard Still Shilling for Obamacare While Unions, Congress and Special Interests Freak Out

There are at least two people in America who still believe Obamacare is a sound idea. One is the intellectually bankrupt, former Enron adviser named Paul Krugman. The other is Roll Call's Taegan Goddard, the leftist sycophant, who continues to market Obamacare as successful when facts, logic, and reason all say otherwise.

Consider his utterly bizarre story entitled "Obamacare Fixed the Health Care Market". In a sense, that may be true, but only if the word "fixed" is used as it is in the sentence "we had the dog fixed".

Paul Krugman explains why it is no surprise that President Obama’s health care reform law is pushing down health insurance premiums.

“Until now there has been sort of a market — but one that…is riddled with problems. It was very hard for individuals to figure out what they were buying… Price and quality comparisons were near-impossible. Under these conditions the magic of the marketplace couldn’t work — there really wasn’t a proper market.”

“With the ACA, however, insurers operate under clear ground rules, with clearly defined grades of plan and discrimination banned. The result, suddenly, is that we have real market competition.”

Now, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to completely debunk Krugman's corrupt nonsense. In fact, even a trained chimpanzee can be taught to use a search engine and arrive at some conclusions concerning the impact of Obamacare on health insurance, premiums and employment. But, then again, a trained chimpanzee isn't a propagandist and Taegan Goddard is; therefore he must ignore the tidal wave of news stories that decimate his DNC-approved detritus.

9/5: List of 258 Firms Cutting Workers and Hours Due to Obamacare (Investors)

9/5: Obama rewrites health care law to exempt employers from mandate (Reuters)

9/5: New Mexico will see 130 percent premium hikes due to Obamacare: (Manhattan Institute)

9/4: AFL-CIO President Trumka Slams Obamacare's Restructuring of Workforces (Al Jazeera)

9/4: Obama Grants Congress an Exemption From His Health Care Overhaul (WSJ)

9/4: In 13 States Plus D.C., Obamacare Will Increase Health Premiums By 24% (Forbes)

9/4: ObamaCare Is Turning Us Into A Part-Time Nation (Forbes)

9/4: Low-cost 'bronze' plans under health law could leave some consumers with big medical bills (Minneapolis)

9/3: Health insurance in Madison area will up to 125 percent higher (WXOW-19)

9/3: Kroger Cuts Health Benefits For Spouses (BizJournals)

9/3: Union dumps AFL-CIO for its positions on ObamaCare, immigration reform (Fox)

9/3: Obamacare Could Cost Hawaii Millions for 'Cadillac' Healthcare Plans (Honolulu)

These are just a few of the choice headlines related to Obamacare's unfolding devastation. Worse still, the tens of thousands of pages of laws, regulations and diktats have yet to be finalized; in truth, the law really hasn't even kicked in yet.

Medicare is going bankrupt. Medicaid is going bankrupt. Social Security is going bankrupt. The Trustees of these systems, along with the GAO and the OMB keep sounding the alarms in increasingly dire terms.

And as these programs run dry, as interest rates spike, as Obamacare collapses, as the federal leviathan -- which borrows 40 cents of every dollar to operate -- implodes, cheerleaders for collectivism like Taegan Goddard are this era's useful idiots.

We are headed rapidly for an economic whirlpool, a hydraulic that will -- like chaotic events that have occurred throughout history -- catch most off-guard and send the country rapidly into desperately dangerous, uncharted waters.

And which segments of the population will be hardest hit by such an economic catastrophe? Will it be the super-rich, the Beltway elites, or former Presidents of the U.S.? Or will it be the poor, seniors living on fixed incomes, and young people trying to get their careers started?

Taegan Goddard is a disgrace. He is a marketer of central planning, of Soviet-style industrial policy that can't work, won't work and has never worked in all of human history. And yet he brays on as the system disintegrates, leaving future generations on the hook for his egregious failures.

History will not look kindly on this disgraceful excuse for a journalist. He should hang his head in shame.

Hat tip: BadBlue News Service.