Rosh Hashanah video greeting reviews: Bibi, Peres, Obama, Cameron, IDF

Netanyahu seems uncharacteristically tired. He does a nice job talking about Israel's accomplishments, peace, Syria, and Iran.

Grade: B+

Peres' message is muddled. He implies Yom Kippur is before Rosh Hashanah and that Yom Kippur is meant to forget our mistakes. This is not a great greeting.

Grade: C-

President Obama's is pretty generic. He loses points for having a jarring edit in the middle.

Grade: B-

David Cameron's is only fair, with usual stuff about the peace process, but his ending about the British Jewish community is nice.

Grade: B

The IDF's message has stunning video clips and shows off the diversity of the army and navy. Pure hasbara - and that's a good thing.

Grade: A

(h/t Yerushalimey, Jean)