The UK's top foreign policy priority, and their "friendship" photo competition

From WAFA:

President Mahmoud Abbas starts Sunday a European tour with a four-day visit to Britain, a press release by the British Consulate in Jerusalem said on Friday.

Abbas is expected to meet with, among others, the British Prime Minister David Cameron, the deputy prime minister and the foreign secretary, William Hague.

Charg Ben Saoul, of the British Consulate in Jerusalem, expressed delight as Abbas’ upcoming trip to Britain.

“We are delighted to welcome President Abbas to the UK at this crucial time,’ he said.

“As the Foreign Secretary has repeatedly said, there is no more urgent UK foreign policy priority than resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and 2013 is a crucial year for progress.”
The same quote is in other news articles, although I couldn't find it on the British Consulate Jerusalem website.

It is telling that while the Middle East explodes, diplomats are still partying like its 1999.

By the way, the British Consulate Jerusalem site says that it is located in the "Occupied Palestinian Territories." It appears that its consular services are meant only for Arabs.

The site has a number of interesting articles. For example, the UK FCO is sponsoring a 'Let’s celebrate friendship' photo competition.

But is it looking for photos that show friendship between Jews and Arabs? No, of course not. The competition is "to search for the best images which demonstrate the friendship between the UK and the Palestinian people."

So where are the international photo competitions showing friendship between Jews and Arabs? Well, there aren't any. Because that would be "normalization with the enemy" and since the Arabs are against normal relations with Jews who live in the Middle East, it is better not to have outside parties interfere with their bigotry.