US intelligence reveals Pakistan plot to kill human rights activist Asma Jahangir

DIA notes that such a plot 'would result in an international and domestic backlash as the ISI is already under significant criticism for intimidation and extra-judicial killings'

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Source/Credit: The Independent UK
By Andrew Buncombe | September 4, 2013

Elements within Pakistan’s security establishment plotted to kill the celebrated human rights campaigner Asma Jahangir, according to a leaked US intelligence report.

US agencies discovered in May 2012 that unidentified Pakistani officers were hatching a plan that involved recruiting militants to attack her while she was on a visit to neighbouring India or else “militants or criminals” to kill her while she was in Pakistan.

The details of the US intelligence report appear to confirm claims made last summer by Ms Jahangir, a leading lawyer and campaigner and a former president of the country’s Supreme Court Bar Association, that she had learned of a plot against her from a “a responsible and highly credible” source.

“It’s not news but it’s chilling nevertheless to have it confirmed by an independent source,” Ms Jahangir told The Independent on Wednesday, speaking during a visit to London.
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